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It’s Cybercrop Time

Hi everyone! Well it’s cybercrop time again here at Chook Scraps. We have three challenges and there is a $10 voucher for the winner of each challenge. If you want to enter just upload your entry into the appropriate album in our gallery by midnight on Monday, 24th February and you will be in the running to win.

This month we have used the explorer Bruni d’Entrecasteaux as inspiration for our challenges. Here are the challenges and some inspirational samples from our design team.

Challenge One

-Bruni was governor of Mauritius for a time. The flag of Mauritius has red, blue, yellow and green stripes. Use at least four colours (not including black and white) on your LO. 
-Bruni was in the navy in the time of the big wigs and powdered hair – include something curling or wavy on you LO 
– Bruni’s mission to Australia was, at least publicly, to track down Jean-François de La Pérouse, who had not been heard of since leaving Botany Bay in 1788. I want your to look through your stash and “find” something you have had for more than one year. 
– It was in December 1792 that Bruni again found himself in the area of the South of WA but the explorers encountered terrible weather and their further plans to explore the southern coastline of Australia were aborted. Use distressing of some kind to represent this difficult time.

Sample by Emma


Sample by Sue-Maree



Challenge Two

-Bruni’s exploration was coming to an end as the revolution bubbled in France. Thinking of the guillotines I would like you to use a die cut or something hand cut on your LO 
– Food at sea was often in short supply and Bruni died of scurvy in 1793. Create a minimalistic page where the photo and embellishments take up less that 1/3 of the page. 
Include something metal to represent the guns on the ships and the metal on the naval uniforms
– The expedition changed tack several times and, following Bruni’s death and the death of several other officers it was a very different looking party by the end. Alter something on your LO.

Sample by Emma



Sample by Lil’ Rach



Sample by Sue-Maree



Challenge Three – Card

Use red white and blue – the traditional colours of France
Use a banner, flag or bunting to represent the revolution (yes, alright, I am thinking of Les Miserables here Wink )
– With forcible change there is always pressure on people who may not be that keen. Use pressure with embossing or a rub on. 

Sample by Anna



Sample by Lil’ Rach



Sample by Sue-Maree



Sample by Emma



Can’t wait to see everyone’s interpretation of the challenges.

Have a creative weekend all!


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