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There’s movement in the nest

Yesterday saw the start of our major competition for this year – “The Chook’s Run Around Australia”. We are taking the Chook’s “jet” on a holiday around Australia – stopping at various towns and cities which will provide the inspiration for our challenges. Of course our journey is starting in Collie. Here is our first challenge:

Collie was named after Dr Alexander Collie RN, a ship’s surgeon aboard the HMS Sulphur, who explored the region and in 1829 discovered the river from which Collie took its name. The area was originally recognised as being ideal as pasturelands and for timber production, however with the discovery of coal in 1883, Collie’s direction was set.

The town was formally declared a townsite in 1896 and from its humble beginnings Collie grew to become an important West Australian town supplying the State with coal, the all-important resource for power production in railways, shipping and the generation of electricity.

More importantly Collie is the home of Chookscraps HQ and it is from here that the competition will start. The Chooks’ jet is available otherwise you can catch flights into Perth and then head down here by train or bus. If unsure just ask Kathy… she gets herself here quite independently several times each year Wink We are about 2 1/2 hours south of Perth and not too far from the beautiful fruit growing region of Donnybrook or the wines of Margaret River… so if you get your page done early there may be time for a little sight seeing.

For more information you can check out the visitor centre info here:

Okay… the challenge….

As mentioned above Collie is the only coal mining town in WA…. which results in many big mining trucks and other equipment. Despite this Collie is set amidst beautiful forests on all sides.
– USE A METAL EMBELLISHMENT for the mining trucks
– INCORPORATE FLORA (so leaves / flowers and / or trees etc)

And some samples from our design team:

Sample by Sue-Maree

Sample by Chookie (Lorraine)

Sample by Scrapdragon (Toni)

There is still time to join the competition and we’d love to see everyone’s interpretation of the challenge.

Hope you are all having a creative weekend.



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