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Stamped candle

Providing I have scheduled this correctly it should pop up around the time we are doing this on retreat. This time of year I am always looking for something small to make as a thank-you to all of the specialist teachers my children have. We are very lucky to have quite a few of these at school for things like drama, computing, sport, art, Italian etc etc. Oh… and I like to send something in for the lady who runs the canteen each year because she saves my sanity many a morning 🙂 The last few years I have made little Christmas tag sets but it is time for a change so this year I am making stamped candles. Oh my… it is sooooooooooooo easy. I will make their candles Christmas themed but for the one I have to share today I have just made a generic candle.

Here is the finished product:

You will need a fat candle (white or cream probably works best), a pretty stamp (I have used a new Kaiser stamp I bought last week), ink, scissors, tissue paper and some wax paper (from the kitchen section of Woolies or Coles).

Stamp your image onto the tissue paper and cut it out as close to the image as you can. This is the longest step in the process.

Place your tissue paper image where you want it on the candle and carefully wrap the wax paper around the candle and pull tightly. You want enough wax paper that you can hold it tightly at the back. This also protects your hands from the heat gun in the next step.

Holding the wax paper at the back you now need to gently heat over the image at the front of the candle. You will be able to clearly see as the wax melts into the image… It goes all glassy looking. Don’t over-heat too much past this point or you will deform your candle. Once the wax has melted across the entire image wait for a few seconds to let it cool and then carefully remove the wax paper. I thought this would look lovely with some butterflies and, of course, with the Christmas motifs I will dig out for the teachers’ candles. Now, I haven’t tried burning these yet. If you use a good quality column candle that burns down the middle and leaves the sides intact there shouldn’t be any problems but, if your candle is the all-melty type you may want to be careful and remember there is still tissue paper in there.

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