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The Pen Round 3 – The Kitchen Winners

As Shara has announced in the forum this round was definitely a lot more spread out with the voting, and we have ties for each place in the Chooks Choice.

In third place are….
Bel and scrapcat (Fran)

Bel - Swing

scrapcat - under 8's day

In second place are…
Katydid (Katherine) and Sharon

Katydid - Let me count

Sharon - Easter Protocol

and in first place we have….

Emma and Marion

emma - Artist

Marion - Children's TV

The DT votes were all quite close too with only half points separating some entries.

The winner of the DT choice is Megan, with Scrapcat and Bel close behind.

Megan - She can burn water

Well done everyone and congratulations to the winners.

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    • Kathy on June 17, 2012 at 3:45 am

    Your work is fabulous, ladies. Congratulations.

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