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The Pen Round 3 – The Kitchen

This post is a little late but Round 3 is now under way after Shara announced posted it in the forum last Friday.

It’s time to move into the heart of the home, and create a beautiful kitchen, with function, style and creativity.
The criteria for this round are to create a page using:-

* Hidden element(s) – Representing all the cupboards and storage space
* A found item – to represent all of the bits and pieces that seem to gather on the counter tops
* A list – for the recipes or shopping lists

And here are a couple of samples for you…




And a shot of Shara’s hidden elements – more photo’s…

Inside Shara's

There are already 2 entries in the gallery album so you have until midnight Thursday 7th June to add yours.  Happy creating!

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    • Marion on June 1, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    I have finished mine today. Will take a photo tomorrow.

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