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Scalloped Circle Step by Step

Hi Everyone – I hope you are all having a fab weekend.

During the week Kathy posted a short step by step for making a contrasting scalloped border for a large circle creating a lovely feature background and I thought I would share it with our blog followers. I also loved this idea as it requires little or no specialised tools.

This is Kathy’s page on which she has used this technique.

Here are Kathy’s instructions –

1. I only need a partial circle, so the scrap of orance pp I chose to use was fine for the job. Using my circle template (if you don’t have a circle template you can use anything that is round such as plates – you just need two of slightly different sizes) I cut the orange into a circle. This isn’t really necessary, though, but it did help me to more easily gauge the size of the scallops.

2. Using my old Fiskas circle cutter, I traced the circles into the size I wanted. While I did use this as a template, anything of the desired size would work. (You could use any found item like a plastic milk bottle lid)

3.After cutting them out by hand, I had what I wanted!                                                                                                                                         A little bit of inking of edges at it was good to go!

Thanks for sharing with us Kathy.

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