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The Pen – Round 11 winners – The Teenagers Retreat

This challenge required a LO that was grunge based, given how grungy teenagers can be, creating your own background – think messy, go crazy. And the second twist was that you needed to include circles (to represent all the wheels in a teenagers life – bikes, scooters, skateboards, cars). And the Chooks Choice winners for …

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The Pen – Round 10 Winners

The chooks choice winners for this round are…. for 1 point in 3rd place Katydid for 2 points in 2nd place Geraldine And for 3 points in 1st place Bel The DT winners for round 10 are 3rd – is a tie between Geraldine and Sharon 2nd – Emma 1st – Katydid Congratulations girls!!

The Pen Round 9 Winners

This was yet another close round of voting. The winner of the Chooks Choice voting was… Bel with Emma a very close second and a tie for third between Marion and Geraldine. And the DT voting was also very very close, with the winner being…. Emma with Bel slightly behind in second place. Well done …

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The Pen Round 7 winners

And the CHOOKS CHOICE winners for round 7 are:- 3rd place – Geraldine 2nd place – Annie 1st place goes to scrapcat (Fran) The top scorer in the DT CHOICE is Sharon Nipping at her heels are scrapcat and Katydid Congratulations ladies!!

The Pen Round 6 winners

Shara has had a busy time recently so was a bit late in announcing these. The Chooks Choice winners for round 6 are…. in 3rd Place – a tie between Marion and Geraldine in 2nd Place – Sharon and in first place….. Annie The DT scores were all very close with the top scorer for …

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anna’s Workshop #1 winners

Selected randomly, the winners are Marion and Geraldine.   Well done girls, that means an extra 2 points each to go towards your total. And well done to everyone who completed the challenge!

The Pen Round 3 – The Kitchen Winners

As Shara has announced in the forum this round was definitely a lot more spread out with the voting, and we have ties for each place in the Chooks Choice. In third place are…. Bel and scrapcat (Fran) In second place are… Katydid (Katherine) and Sharon and in first place we have…. Emma and Marion …

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March winners

The winners for the monthly challenges for March are… Sketch 1 Sketch 2 The Random Draw Winner was Lea. Well done to everyone for their beautiful work in the gallery, and congrats to the winners.

The Amazing Chooks Race winners

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this competition. From the first round we have seen an amazing amount of talent and soooo many gorgeous LO’s uploaded. Congratulations to each and every person who took part in this competition and we hope that you enjoyed the ride. After 12 rounds, and a maximum of 19 …

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Amazing Chooks Race Round 12 – Back on home soil

For the last challenge entrants were asked to create a LO with the following: -Australia has much wide, open land. Make this a ‘white space’ page. -Mountains also play a vital role in the Australian landscape. Include scallops or a punched edge to represent these. – Take inspiration from an Australian song or poem for …

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